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To support meditators along their chosen path, Tergar Canada hosts public talks, seminars, retreats, regular group meditation sessions, and other events. Tergar Canada events are meant to educate and inspire Canadians to cultivate awareness, compassion, and wisdom through the practice of meditation. Our programs and events may feature invited guest speakers, or be led by Tergar International instructors, Tergar Canada Facilitators, or Tergar Canada Practice Leaders.

Tergar Canada communities hold regular meditation groups that provide a thorough course of training in the fundamentals of meditation practice. Based on Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche’s two books, The Joy of Living and Joyful Wisdom, our groups use guided meditations, discussion, and daily meditation exercises to explore the cultivation of awareness, compassion, and insight – the cornerstones of spiritual practice.  If you are new to meditation, our regular meditation groups offer a gentle immersion into the world of mindfulness. If you are following our Joy of Living or Path of Liberation programs, these groups provide a wonderful opportunity to deepen your experience of the core elements of the spiritual path.

Online Retreat with Mingyur Rinpoche

July 11-13

Calming the Mind (Joy of Living 1) – Online Retreat


July 18-20

Awakening Wisdom (Joy of Living 3) – Online Retreat


July 25-28

Nectar of the Path: Teachings on the Path of Awakening – Online Retreat


August 1-4

Exploring the Nature of Mind: Deepening Recognition – Online Retreat


August 8-11

Dzogchen: The Path of Natural Liberation – Online Retreat


July 5 – September 4

Child Development from Birth to Rebirth – Online Course via Abiding Heart Education


Visit https://events.tergar.org/  for more information.

Tergar Canada Toronto Event

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